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Use of the System

1.    Login and creating a new account.

In order to find out the addresses of our warehouses and make an order in the system – you have to create a user account. Click on the link “Log-in” on the top right corner of the page and activate the section “Create a new account” in the shown window. Click the button “Create a new account” in order to confirm creation of an account. Your name and surname, mobile phone number and e-mail will be used to identify the addressee of parcels and contact you regarding delivery of your orders in Latvia. After creation of an account a link will be sent you to your indicated e-mail by means of which you will be able to activate your account and connect by making a password.

2.    User account and its use.

After the first successful connection, by following the link sent in the e-mail a user account is created for you. All the possible additional options are now available to you as a registered user. To make the drawing up of the orders quicker, at first we recommend to edit your delivery and invoice information in the section “My profile” and only then go to the section “Make an order”. Then you will have a possibility to quickly select one of the saved delivery addresses, as well as select the previously saved details for preparation of an invoice in the section “Address of the warehouse” where you will find our updated address of the warehouse of Great Britain and Germany, as well as instructions for indicating the address in the Internet stores. If it is necessary to change the e-mail address of the account or other registration data, that may be done in the section “My profile” – “My account information”.

3.    Making orders and selection of the appropriate delivery country.

Upon making an order you have to select the delivery country (Section 1). After the selection made click “Continue”. Afterwards it is necessary to select the delivery service (Section 2) – by choosing the necessary delivery service “From the warehouse” or “Direct delivery from the seller”. After the selection made click “Continue”. Indicate the required information according to the selected type of service. In order to add the goods from eBay, you have to copy the item number from the purchase history of your eBay account section or “Purchase history". After pasting the item number in the input field press “Search” and the system will automatically find your item. If a purchase is made in another store, change the purchase type “From another store” and enter the required information. In order to go to a new section, click “Continue”. It is possible to add several goods to one order both; from eBay, and from other stores. On the right side an order summary may be viewed. If it is necessary to edit some of the already completed sections – click on the icon of a pencil shape. After making a successful order the order will be saved in the section “My orders” and an automatic confirmation generated by the system will be sent to your e-mail.

To find out more information about the delivery process, as well as additional information about the use of the system please visit section "Frequently asked questions".