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Privacy Policy

Data processing volume

LLC “DiamondTS” - (hereinafter referred to as “service provider”), single registration number 40103283820,  shall undertake to observe your rights to legal personal data processing and protection. To meet the requirements of the regulatory enactments to be applied to the data processing of physical persons, as well as collect, accrue and save only such personal data which are necessary for provision of a particular service. In order to ensure personal data processing as accurate as possible, the Service provider shall undertake to indicate as accurately as possible how enter its data correctly.

The goal of the Privacy policy is to provide the information prescribed in the regulatory enactments regarding you on the procedure how the Service provider obtains and processes your personal data.

Upon becoming a registered user in the website, and upon making an order you agree to processing of those data which you provide while acquiring a service.

The service provider shall have the right to collect, summarize and maintain the following data:
•    the data you provide in order to log in the website;
•    the data you provide in order to ensure delivery of orders;
•    the data you provide for preparation and drawing up of invoices;
•    the data in relation to visit of this Internet home page and other resources used related to assistance of this Internet home page;
•    the data in relation to any transactions concluded between you and Service provider;
•    the data you provide to our cooperation partners;
•    the data you provide to the Service provider within the framework of mutual communication (in writing, by phone, by e-mail, personally);
•    any other information which you have chosen to submit yourself to the Service provider.

The service provider is entitled to collect the data about the user of the website by using cookies so that to improve the services provided to the users. Cookies are small text files which are sent by a server to your browser each time when you visit some home page. They are either saved, or denied depending on the browser settings. If the cookies function is not activated, the Service provider is not able to ensure correct operation of the web home page. The cookies used in the web home page do not collect personal information about the user, the data are not transferred to third parties. Upon visiting any home page repeatedly and using the sections of the home page accessible by only using a password, it is possible to avoid from repeated data input. Cookies are used for monitoring and control of the data flow of the Internet home page.

Data safety and use
The Service provider shall process and maintain personal data by meeting the requirements of the regulatory enactments in order to ensure confidentiality. It will apply means of control, take reasonable technical and organizational measures in order to prevent the loss of your personal data, unauthorized copying, abuse or modification. The information provided to us will be stored in safe servers.

Upon visiting our Internet home page and providing your contact information in it (e-mail, phone number), you agree that the Service provider will contact you by using your provided contact information, as well as sending the information about our services.

The Service provider is entitled to use the provided information for the following purposes, including but not only to:
•    inform you about the expected events and news;
•    provide the services available in the website of the highest possible quality;
•    send e-mail or sms messages on issue and dispatch of the orders;
•    respond to your information requests;
•    send advertising offers prepared according to your previous purchases and sent to a customer being online or using e-mail with a relevant customer’s consent or according to the requirements of the regulatory enactments;
•    administer and improve the website and quality of the provided services.

The Service provider will not transfer personal data to third parties without your consent, unless it is necessary for fulfilemt of the contractual obligations, reasonable performance of the business activity, by ensuring that the relevant third parties observe personal data confidentiality and provide appropriate data protection.

The Service provider may disclose the collected information, as well as personally identifiable information to third parties in the cases determined in the law. For example, to supervisory authorities, law enforcement institutions upon their official request.
In case of non-fulfilment or improper fulfilment of the obligations we can transfer the data on yout non-fulfilled obligations to licensed extra-judicial debt recovery service providers.

The Service provider shall undertake to observe personal data accuracy and rely on its customers, suppliers and other third parties transferrring personal data that accuracy of the transferred personal data will be ensured.
In the Service provider’s home page links may be indicated to the Internet home pages of third parties. These Internet home pages of third parties have their usage and personal data protection instructions which you agree to and about which you are informed when visiting and using the relevant home page. The Service provider shall not be responsible, nor undertake responsibility for the Internet home pages of third parties.

Personal data editing
Upon necessity, you are always entitled to supplement, change or delete the personal data saved in your account.
As far as possible and from receipt of the relevant request we will ensure deletion of your personal data in our data bases if these data are not necessary anymore for achievement of the goals for which they were collected, incl. for exercising our contractual and legal rights.

Amendments to the Policy
The Service provider shall be entitled to change the provisions of the Privacy policy at its discretion by publishing the new version on the website.