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Delivery from the warehouse

Now you also have your address in Great Britain and Germany! You can use these addresses in cases if the seller of the goods has indicated in the delivery information that it dispatches the goods only in the territory of Great Britain or Germany  or: “post to: United Kingdom” or “post to: Germany”. Our addresses in Germany and Great Britain are possible to use by purchasing goods also from America, China or other countries.

We ensure deliveries from all Internet stores which offer delivery to our address in in Great Britain or Germany. In order to find a suitable shopping place use some of the Internet browsers (for example, GOOGLE) or follow the PayPal guide with a list of stores in which you will have a possibility to take the opportunities offered by the PayPal payment system quickly and safely. The shopping guide and and list of stores which is updated on a regular basis:  PayPal recomended stores (click here)

A lot of the stores offer an opportunity to pay with bank cards, as well, therefore consider which type of the payments seem the most suitable for you – a payment by card or via PayPal.

We provide:

•    delivery from the warehouse to our office in Riga – from 4.30€,
•    2 or more parcels in one delivery – from the 2nd parcel from 1.90€,
•    regular deliveries according to the trip schedule,
•    delivery within the entire territory of Latvia to the door (+ 5.40€),
•    delivery to OMNIVA parcel machine within the entire territory of Latvia (+ 3.90€).

Delivery price includes:

•    receipt and storage in the warehouse until the date of transportation,
•    sorting, completion and combination of parcels individually for each customer,
•    delivery in Riga office at the specified delivery times.

How should be am order made and the goods received in Latvia?

1.    Log in the site ebaypiegā and activate an account in order to find out the address of our warehouse;
2.    Save the warehouse address as the primary postage address;
3.    Purchase the chosen goods and indicate the address of our warehouse as a recipient’s address;
4.    Make an order in the system and wait for delivery of your goods in Latvia;

If the delivery price of large goods in the territory of Great Britain is indicated as more than 15GBP, perhaps, a more profitable solution will be the use of our service “Collection in person”. Read more about this service here. 

The service price shall be calculated according to the actual dimensions, weight and number of packages of the received goods.
In order to reduce the transportation costs, ask the seller to use a packaging suitable for the size of the goods!


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