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Delivery types and prices in Latvia

Delivery in Riga office (without an additional payment)

Collection of parcels in the office is usually organized on the days when the transport arrives to Latvia. Usually it is on Thursdays from 4:00pm to 7.00pm In particular cases the date and time of delivery may be changed therefore before going to the office for collecting of the parcels – we request to check if a SMS message is received. Next available collection times are on Tuesdays from 09:00am to 01:00pm.

Upon choosing the receipt in the office parcels shall be taken on the date and at the time which are indicated in the informative SMS. A notification on the receipt you will receive only in case if parcels are delivered to our office. If it is not possible to collect the parcels on the particular date and time, you will have a possibility to agree with any other person to receive the parcel on your behalf, order the delivery or to the closest OMNIVA parcel machine.

We request not to choose the receipt in the office in cases if you will not be able to collect the parcels at the particular time. Delivery of parcels outside the delivery times is possible by agreeing the time on the phone in advance (+2.00€ will be added).


New address of Diamond Connected®:

Maija street 4, Riga, LV-1006.

Diamond Connected


OMNIVA parcel machine (+3.90€) (24h a day)

A safe and convenient way of the receipt of parcels in cases when you do not have time to wait for a courier at home or do not have a possibility to arrive for the parcels to our office. As soon as the parcel is delivered to your selected parcel machine, you will receive an invitation message with a door opening code consisting of 6 digits. While being at the parcel machine the option “Receive” should be selected and a code of 6 digits should be entered. The parcel storage time in the parcel machine is seven calendar days. It is possible to receive parcels for 24h a day 7 days a week. The maximum dimensions of the parcel machine locker are 39cm x 64cm x 41cm. If it is not possible to send your parcels to the parcel machine, when registering a parcel the type of delivery will be changed to “Delivery to the door”.




Delivery to the door (+5.40€)

The delivery to the door shall be provided in the entire territory of Latvia – in any city, village or farmstead. The delivery service shall be provided on a previously set working day, during the working day. You will receive an informative SMS about the planned delivery date to the mobile phone number indicated in the application 1-2 working days before the planned delivery. We shall perform delivery by our transport, as well as in cooperation with OMNIVA courier services nationwide.




Delivery prices in the territory of Latvia

Name of the service

Price EUR including VAT

Transfer of money to the seller when collecting the goods (cash on collection)

10€ or 1,5%

Delivery in Riga office (at the times of delivery)

Free of charge

Delivery in Riga office outside the delivery times (on the basis of a prior agreement)


Additional packing of parcels for safe transportation

+ 10-20%

Delivery to the door in the territory of Latvia (for parcels from the warehouse)


Delivery to OMNIVA parcel machine in the territory of Latvia (for parcels from the warehouse)


Change of the delivery type up on customers request (office, delivery to the address, parcel machine)


Shipment without adresee recognition, administration and handling services+2.00€