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Delivery to Great Britain and Germany

It is not a secret that conquest of the British and German market is a goal for several Latvian enterprises. The large number of population provides a lot of different opportunities for the sale of goods by creating a possibility to find the most suitable segment of the target audience. How to sell the goods and acquire the British and German market while being in Latvia at the same time? Become successful sellers of “” or “”!  

In order to perform that you even do not have to move your warehouse. It is possible to find the potential customers of almost all goods in Great Britain or Germany, but we will send your goods to customers in the entire territory of Great Britain and Germany! Due to the high population density it is possible to optimise the delivery costs so that they were friendly for both; the buyer, and the seller.

We offer:
•    functioning delivery solutions checked in practice;
•    deliveries from Latvia on a weekly basis;
•    guaranteed delivery to the entire territory of Great Britain and Germany;
•    delivery of the goods to the addressee upon signed acknowledgement;
•    low delivery costs;
•    storage of the goods in a warehouse of Great Britain and Germany;
•    packing and dispatch of the goods from the warehouse;
•    consultations for finding the best solution;
•    assistance for the opening of an EBAY account and connection of the PayPal payment system.

Delivery prices? For legal customers from EUR 1.00 per parcel...

Find out more! Join the companies which use our services already and increase your sales! In order to find out more, contact us via email or call +371 26386090. We will definitely find the best solution for you!