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Collection in person (direct delivery)

The service “Direct delivery from the seller”  or "collection in person" is provided in case if your chosen goods is too big or the seller does not wish to send it internationally, nor deliver it to our warehouse. At the delivery information of such goods there will usually be a note: “Collection in person”. Additional opportunities of the service are packing of the parcel for safe transportation (if the seller does not provide it) and a payment for the goods on your behalf or “Cash on collection”. Before you purchase the goods which should be taken from te seller’s address, we request to contact us by writing to the e-mail or calling.

We provide:

•    collection in person and transportation to Latvia – from 80.00€;

•    collection from legal persons – on working days & working hours;

•    regular deliveries on a weekly basis from the entire Great Britain and Germany;

•    additional packing of the goods for transportation (if the seller does not provide that);

•    cash paid on collection (until the given GBP or EUR in advance);

•    free delivery in the entire territory of Latvia (included in the service price).

How should collection in person be drawn up?
1. Log in the site ebaypiegā and activate an account in order to find out the address of our warehouse;
(in this case the address of the warehouse will be necessary for you in order to participate in the auction)
2. Save the warehouse address as the primary postage address;
3. Purchase the goods and find out the seller’s contact information;
4. Make an order and wait for delivery of your goods in Latvia.

The service prices for bulk parcels (motorcycles, scooters, large items  etc.) shall be calculated individually depending on the cargo volume and location. In order to obtain a price offer made just for you, write to the address, and we will definitely find the best solution.
The service price shall be calculated according to the actual dimensions, weight and number of packagings of the received goods.
In order to reduce the transportation costs, ask the seller to use a packaging appropriate to the size of the goods!


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